Saturday, February 21, 2009

Evolution or Intelligent Design?

Would the apple in the photo make Charles Darwin say, "Wow?!"
(Click the photo to enlarge).
I found the apple in the nearby store. The letters are not painted or carved into it. They somehow mysteriously grew with the apple and within the apple's core.
A person who's opinion I value very much thought that this was the last sign of where this civilization travels to...

If you wonder what the mysterious yellow geometrical object close to the apple is - it's my friend Akio Hizume's Fibonacci Tornado. Yes, it's takes some patiency to build it but the result is rewarding, right?:)
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Heartful Strange Attractor

Above is A Heartful Strange Attractor I've made for you.
For a Valentine's or any other day.

For all loving and romantic people on the planet and beyond...
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Strange Attractors

Over and over again I'm impressed by the mathematical nature of our universe.
I love to dive into the mysterious beauty of strange attractors. Hope you like my "Cosmic Egg" above.:) Click to enlarge.

Two excellent books about strange attractors and much more:

- J.C. Sprott, Strange Attractors: Creating Patterns in Chaos
- C.A. Pickover, Computers, Pattern, Chaos and Beauty

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Impressive Cliff

Clifford A.Image via Wikipedia

I always love to follow the most impressive blogs by my friend, worldwide known author, visionary and a true renaissance man,
great Cliff Pickover, who writes books faster than people can read them.
His latest book "Archimedes to Hawking" is actually his biggest book ever, 514 pages of pure knowledge. And it features an illustration of a mysterious creature of some kind, which you can see here.
Dive into his website
Be careful, you might get lost in parallel universes...:)
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Exploring Zemanta

Flower and dropsImage by albyper via Flickr

It's simply GREAT that Andraz founded Zemanta. I think this will give the worlds' bloggers much additional joy and pleasure.
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