Saturday, February 21, 2009

Evolution or Intelligent Design?

Would the apple in the photo make Charles Darwin say, "Wow?!"
(Click the photo to enlarge).
I found the apple in the nearby store. The letters are not painted or carved into it. They somehow mysteriously grew with the apple and within the apple's core.
A person who's opinion I value very much thought that this was the last sign of where this civilization travels to...

If you wonder what the mysterious yellow geometrical object close to the apple is - it's my friend Akio Hizume's Fibonacci Tornado. Yes, it's takes some patiency to build it but the result is rewarding, right?:)
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  1. Not so mysterious, actually. The Fuji apple is extremely sensitive to sunlight, and has a long growing period. In order to achieve the main blush red colour seen in the photograph instead of the usual more rusty red tone, some orchards grow the fruit with special bags tied over each apple to filter the sunlight. Before the fruit is fully ripened, these bags are removed and a coloured cellophane layer left behind to let more light through so the apple will redden. If you place a "shadow sticker" on the apple at this point, the dark areas on the sticker will keep that part of the apple from receiving light, thus it will stay yellow, while the rest turns red. Some independent orchards use this method for applying their logos to the fruit, eliminating the need for stickers.

    Not sure if you knew this already but as it wasn't mentioned I just thought I'd clarify.

  2. Hi! Thank you so very much for your helpful explanation of the 'mystery.:)